This is the official repository of the H2HMud contest.

There are four directories for entries (one per wad):

	1, 2, 3 and DX

There is also a "newstuff" directory that contains links to all
files that where uploaded within the past 15 days.  Look there
if you just want to see the newest stuff.  It will save you from
looking through all the individual directories.

*** 7/3/95
1) The "info" directory has been changed to "admin".

2) admin/ contains rules, packs, tools, utilites, etc.

3) If you have upload problems, you can report them to me without
   bothering the H2Hmud gods.  Files in incoming are not accessable
   to anyone until they are moved to the H2Hmud area.  So, there is
   no need to bother anyone other than me if the files are still in

Send email to "" with the "H2Hmud: " at the start
of the subject line.
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