For Immediate Release
May 15, 1996

Unique Game Combines Role Playing Adventure
with Doom Style Action

(SAN FRANCISCO, CA) - Velocity Inc., the pioneer of the industry's first
commercially successful multi-player networked game, today announced the
release of its latest title Strife. Strife is an interactive,
multi-player, action adventure game that combines fast-action, first-person
3-D combat and the mythic intrigue of the best role-playing games. Strife
thrusts players into a world of high stakes virtual combat while
challenging them to successfully navigate through 30 levels of a tyrannical
ruled city-state which covers over 200 'virtual miles'. Written using the
enhanced id 3-D engine, Strife takes DOOM-like gaming to a higher

Strife constitutes a whole new type of 3-D combat game. It has expanded on
the tradition of DOOM in a number of ways. Both by intensifying the
fighting action with new weapons such as the Flame Thrower and by providing
an enthralling interactive story and plot line complete with dramatic
voice-overs. Strife sets the standard for what the next generation of PC
games will look and play like.

Set in a world inspired by both ancient medieval and technical influences,
Strife challenges players to an epic adventure in which they encounter a
host of life threatening enemies, obstacles and mysteries. Players must
defeat the Order, a quasi-religious dictatorship that keeps the world of
Strife mired in eternal warfare. The challenges take place throughout a
virtual world of 200 square miles and 30 different levels of play, all of
which represent varying states of technological development. Players
interact with members of the underground rebellion, the Front, who hold the
keys to success. The allies are imperative to attaining information,
conducting secret missions and furthering the cause against the tyranny of
the Order.

New Weapons Systems
As players fight their way through the fanatical ranks of the Order, they
encounter some of the most hideous and powerful adversaries imaginable.
Fortunately, players will find a virtual arsenal of innovative and powerful
weapons to combat the massive firepower of the Order. Weapons include the
blistering Flame-Thrower, highly explosive Grenade Launcher, the silent but
deadly Crossbow that shoots poisonous and electric arrows, the rapid fire
Micro-Missile Launcher and the ultimate weapon of mass destruction: The

Strife contains a number of unique features not found in other action
adventure games, including:
* Non-linear Plot Lines. Players experience different adventures and
endings as they exercise the wide variety of choices that are available
throughout the game.

* Complete Dialogue Interface. Players can interact with every character in
Strife in order to unravel the story's insidious plot, complete with well
directed voice overs by talented actors.

* Amazing Graphics. From medieval architecture to alien high technology,
players of Strife will find graphics with a degree of depth and complexity
unrivaled by other combat games.

* Eight-Player Gaming. Strife offers improved multi-player real time gaming
with up to eight opponents over a network and a two-player option that
works with a modem or null serial cable.

* Fully Interactive Environment. Players can trade gold for goods from
characters like the Weaponsmith, explore vast cities and experience deadly
confrontations with a dark cult of machines. As players complete special
missions, skills such as weapon accuracy and stamina will improve.

* Extended Game Time. Players are challenged with more than 100 hours of
non-repetitive game play ensuring long-term, intriguing play.

In addition, Strife has integrated a vastly improved 3-D engine that
dramatically enhances the gaming experience. "The super-fast id engine has
been enhanced to provide features that feel like alpha blending, creating
see-through stained glass and smooth fades between levels," said Gregory
Slayton, acting president and CEO of Velocity. "This, along with
intelligent interaction with a variety of game agents, provides players
with a multi-player virtual world they will want to explore over and over

Strife runs on a 486 or higher processor and requires 8MB of RAM, a
256-color VGA monitor, a CD-ROM drive and supports most major sound cards
(16-bit Soundblaster compatible or higher recommended). Strife requires
80MB of free hard drive space and MS-DOS 5.0 or higher. Strife is available
now at an estimated street price of $49.95. Demo versions of Strife can be
downloaded from Velocity's world wide web site at

Strife is the product of a partnership between some of the PC gaming
industry's hottest companies. Strife was co-developed by Velocity and Rogue
Entertainment and utilizes the id 3-D engine as the basis for its graphical
interface. Chairman and founder of Velocity, Inc. Moses Ma remarked, "We're
absolutely thrilled to work with id Software. They're terrific to work with
and we look forward to additional collaborations in the future." Velocity
is a leading developer and publisher of fast-action multi-player network
games. The game play in Strife reflects the various strengths of each
firm's contribution.

For additional information contact: Shelley Kent, Marketing Communications
Coordinator, Velocity Incorporated, Four Embarcadero, Suite 3100, San
Francisco, CA 94111. Telephone (800) VLOCITY or (800) 856-2489. Fax: (415)
776-8099. Internet:

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