There is an enormous amount of information available here so to make things a bit easier here is a guide to the layout of this Node.

The layout of this site is quite simple. At least I think so. It is devided into several sections which are represented by the icons you will find below.

In addition some of the more frequently asked question are answered in the DoomGate FAQ. Check it out as the question you may have about this site may already be answered there.

Here is the explanation of each of the dgicons that you will find along the bottom of most of the pages.

DoomGate icon no matter where you see it will always take you to the very top of DoomWeb which is in some sense a table of content of what is available.
Games icon will take you to the top of the games section and allow you to choose which game you would like to know about.
In the Addons section you can find more information about levels and many extra utilities and programs that are available.
Documentation which has been written by many people from around the world should help you understand both the technical and not so technical aspects of the Doom phenomenon.
What discussion groups and mailing lists are available? How to find help in case you are stuck and what to do to find apponents is listed here.
Ok so you know everything else know. Here is where and how to get the games and everything else you ever wanted.

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