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Piotr Kapiszewski (
UPDATE: Sat Jan 20 15:27:23 EST 1996
BIO: After roaming the world for a good few years and trying to figure out what it is that I want to do I finally stopped in Buffalo where I graduated from State University of New York at Buffalo. I am working for PENCOM System Administration or PSA. At the moment I am based out of New York City where I am stationed at Morgan Stanley. What do I do now? Well apart from DoomGate stuff I administer systems for living which basically means long hours, users who scream at you for no reason and total lack of satisfaction... ;-) To find out more you can surf to my home page...when its done.
Steve Young (
BIO: I tried college life and loved it so much I decided to work Full time on campus for the SUNY Research Foundation. Where I received my illustrious backround in UNIX and networking, managing and upgrading a 160 node net across 4 states. Since I woke up and smelled the coffee, thanks Piotr for introducing me to it, I am now working for Motorola in warm Palm Beach County Florida. I am always busy doing something, as Piotr could tell you I like to Mountain bike and a bunch of other outdoor things. My page here on Doomgate My old page at CEDAR
BIO: I am currently a junior at Harvey Mudd College double majoring Physics and Computer Science. When I'm not in class, I spend time on the Internet as Webmaster of Venom.St or as the Information Resource manager for The Burning Ice Group. To learn more about me, visit Life, the Universe, and T.J. Kelly, my homepage.
Tim McCune ( (If your browser doesn't support mailto, use this.
BIO: I'm currently (1994-95) a sophomore at Kansas State University, working on a BS in Computer Science. I'm into computers, music, football, skiing, and (of course,) Doom. Right now, I'm working at Farrell Library here on campus as a microcomputer consultant. Once I graduate, I'd like to get a job either working with communications on the internet or as a programmer for iD software!
Sven Neuhaus ( Still want more? Look at my home page.
joost schuur ( email
UPDATE: Wed, 17 Jan 1996 22:28:53 +0000 (GMT)
BIO: finally left college after (ab)using it as a free internet provider for the past 4+ years. got hired by online magic ltd. here in london who do web sites like the GT Interactive one.
John M.Troyer (troyer@cgl.ucsf.EDU)
Paul Falstad (
BIO: I am a computer consultant living in San Diego. Nowadays I mostly do VMS-related contract work. My interests include netsurfing, bicycling, Doom and Heretic, and Linux. Come look at my home page.

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Ronald Kinion (
BIO: I am currently a student majoring in Computer Science at WSU, and just trying to survive day to day. Come see my Home Page for more info on me and to just generally surf into miscellaneous places.
Jörg Findeisen (
Jonathan Matthies (
BIO: I am in my 3rd Semester of CS at Colorado State University. I am focusing towards the business end of CS more and have a good understanding for most all aspects for the DoomOS (DOS) and have just started my trek into UNIX and Linux (kernel 1.1.54 is what I'm runing) surf to my home page.
Brad Robbins (
BIO: I am currently attending a Piedmont Virginia Community college with my eye on obtaining an associats in programming or obtaining my Netware Engineer Certification. I have just barely scratched the tip of the INTERNET and UNIX and am absorbing information as fast as I can. I have been an id fan since Wolf 3-d was released and DOOM just blew me away. I am now teaching myself wad editing so look for my first wads to appear on my page. To see some more of my interests beam on over to my home page
Myles Williams ( email
UPDATE: Sun, 14 Jan 1996 22:26:05 -0500
BIO: I'm a student in electrical engineering and computer science at the University of Tennessee. At DoomGate I maintain the "All-Time Best Levels" pages. For various info about free operating systems, web publishing, the U.S. government, and a little about me, check my home page.
Steve Benner (
BIO: I am currently Computer Support Officer for the Environmental Science Division at Lancaster University, UK. I also do freelance computer consultancy and programming if the work looks interesting enough and am a contibuting author to the SAMS book "Tricks of the DOOM Programming Gurus". Call in at my home page if you'd like to know more about me, offer me work, money or just pay a visit.
Tony Lezard (
BIO: A graduate of the University of Cambridge, England, currently sysadmin/webmaster/etc and technical support manager for this lot. I'm the moderator of maintaining the archives of its old articles and looking after the periodic Usenet postings.
Hank Leukart (
BIO: Hank is an independent Internet journalist who enjoys writing game reviews. He is also the writer of The "Official" DOOM FAQ and the recently published book, "The Doom Hacker's Guide." Among other things, Hank enjoys surfing the net, playing computer games, tennis, and much more. If you would like to learn more about Hank, you can check out his homepage!
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