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By Tys von Gaza a.k.a. The (von)Gazanator!, http//

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Five Easy Steps to get WinDoom to Work
  3. Frequently Asked Questions
  4. Frame Rates
  5. Conclusion
  6. Credits


WinDoom is a Windows ported version of the Doom.exe file. It does not include a wad of any other Doom-like file. YOU must supply your own Iwad. The wad MUST be from registered version of Doom1. The version of the wad doesn't matter. I have tried it with v1.2, v1.666, v1.9, and v1.9 Ultimate Doom. For WinDoom to work you need Wing32.dll in the Windows\system directory. You need the doom.wad in the same directory as WinDoom, and of course WinDoom. You can find WinDoom in DoomGate's ftp. Some people have said you need the WinG file from Microsoft(Note: They had the beta version of WinDoom which has wing.dll not wing32.dll included with it. I think wing32.dll fixed it. If you still want WinG you can get at but I havenít found any problem without it on my 90mhz 16 megabytes 586(Pentium) running Windows 95. I donít know if Windows 95 has it or not so if you know please e-mail me(see below). I have also tried it under Windows 3.11 and it didnít work. This is because I donít have Win32s. If you want to get Win32s it is in If your running Windows in 256 colors mode then WinDoom will change the colors of Windows into the Doom color pallet, this happens because there isnít enough colors for both pallets(Windows and Doomís). This makes Windows looking all weird. If your running Windows in high color(16 million colors or 24 bit) or higher then Windows will look the same because there is enough colors for both pallets(Windows and Doomís). You might be wondering why there is two exe files. The one called WinDoom.exe(size:318 kilobytes) has a display menu where you can select an extra window which displays the frame rate of your current game. The other one called WinDoom-.exe(2048 kilobytes) doesnít have an extra menu. I think the bigger one might be a tiny bit faster but Iím not sure. If you have any other information about things NEEDED to run WinDoom or things Iím wrong about please e-mail me(see below).

Five easy steps you can use to get WinDoom to work.

  1. Get the latest version of WinDoom.
  2. Unzip it into any directory(let us say it is C:\WinDoom). Use Pkunzip, WinZip, or anyother extracting program that uses *.zip.
  3. Copy Wing32.dll into your C:Windows\System directory(or what ever your Windows system directory is).
  4. Copy Doom.wad from the registered version of Doom to C:\WinDoom(it doesnít matter what version it is).
  5. Run WinDoom.exe or WinDoom-.exe!

It seems simple but that's all to it.

F.A.Q: Frequently Asked Questions About WinDoom.

Q: Why canít I see my mouse courser when playing WinDoom?
A: You canít see it because WinDoom hides it for players who use the mouse playing WinDoom. To get the mouse courser to return press Alt-Esc(Gets you out of the WinDoom window.) or some other Alt-something combination, if you know please e-mail me(see below).

Q: Is WinDoom able to do Multitasking?
A: Yes, WinDoom is able to do multitasking. WinDoom pauses once it is not the active window and if you go into itís the menus.

Q: Why doesnít the WinDoom go through the long startup?
A: I personally donít know. It seams that all window ported games donít have to go through this start up. It probably has something to do with the full 32 bit environment Iím not sure. Iíll ask ID software and Microsoft about it and get back to you as soon as possible, or if you know why you can e-mail me(see below).

Q: Why isnít there the good old status bar?
A: WinDoom is in the early test stage. Doom didnít have a status bar in the early test stage. Quake doesnít have a status bar and it is in the early test stage. Hey if you canít play Doom with out the status bar then you really must suck! WinDoom can still remember your health, ammo, armor, guns, and keys even though there isnít a status bar.

Q: Is there a map in WinDoom?
A: No there is not a map in WinDoom. There will probably be a different window for the map so you can see where you are in the map and on your main screen. If you still need a map to complete Doom levels then you better play the DOS version more!

Q: Is there any multiplayer support in WinDoom?
A: No, there is no multiplayer support in WinDoom. But I bet there will be an easy to use network option. Probably just a button you click and it will automatically look for another player attached to the network looking for you. The modem setup will be much simpler now because theyíll probably make a built in self-detecting modem dialer. Serial cables will work almost the same. If you are playing cooperative you probably can have a separate window for each player playing. The options for multiplayer support must likely will be close to CivNet's.

Q: Will you be able to play multiplayer Doom between different operating systems?
A: Yes, most likely. DOS Doom2 and Mac Doom2 can be played over a modem so I guess WinDoom will work with Mac Doom and DOS Doom. Now every body will be happy!

Q: Is there OS2Doom or OS2WarpDoom?
A: I donít know and I donít care a tiny bit!!!

Q: Can you use command lines with WinDoom?
A: No, you can not use command lines in WinDoom through MS-DOS prompt. I have tried with most of the simple command lines but nothing happened.

Q: Can you use the Doom 2 Iwad or other Pwadís with WinDoom?
A: No, you can not use the Doom 2 Iwad or other Pwadís with WinDoom. Maybe theyíll make WinDoom compatible with both the Doom.wad and Doom2.wad. It should because we rightfully bought and registered Doom and Doom2 Games for X amount of money. Theyíll probably let you load Pwadís with a simple button or menu command, which will bring up a load file window to select a Pwad.

Q: Can WinDoom load demoís(*.lmp files)?
A: Not right now, but there probably will be a simple button or menu command, which will bring up a load file window to select a Demo(*.lmp) file. Or WinDoom will record them in Video for Windows(*.avi) and probley can convert them.

Q: Why did Microsoft port Doom to windows and not ID Software?
A: Microsoft wanted to because they knew lots of people would want a Doom that was as complete or even more complete and easier to use than the old DOS version. Microsoft also wanted to do it because it looked like a great business opportunity. ID Software probably didnít port it because they knew Microsoft would do a better job. They are probably either really lazy or really busy on Quake. Most likely on Quake.

Q: What other things does Doom have that WinDoom doesnít?
A: There is many things. There is NO menu to change the settings of the game. You canít go into any other episode other than KNEE DEEP IN THE DEAD!! There is no gamma correction. None of the F1-12 keys option work. There is no demoís at the beginning. Invisible things are all screwed up. The screen doesnít change color when you pick up something, get hurt, are in a rad-suit, have besirk?, or when you are invulnerable?. When you end a level you donít see the stats of how you played and it automatically sends you to the next level(Note: This is way faster than the DOS Doom in between levels part.). Raising stairs is REALLY SLOW even on my 90 MHz 16 megabytes 586(Pentium). The startup is VERY fast!!! (Note: Most of this stuff will change when the real version of WinDoom comes out.

Q: Where can I get the latest version of WinDoom?
A: It is up in DoomGate's ftp site, here is the address: and is called I found this copy in a French web page and it worked fine. Iíll try to get ID software or Microsoft to send me the latest version of WinDoom. There is also copy of WinDoom at alt.binaries.doom or something like that, Iím not sure what version, e-mail me if you know and the correct place and Iíll put a link to it(see below).

Q: What other FAQís are there?
A: There was a so called semi-faq that came with the copy of WinDoom that I got. I got lots of information from that semi-faq. Other than the semi-faq, WinDoomFaq is the only one(this one!), if you find another FAQ please send me a copy of it and Iíll post it(see below).

Q: Can I change the controls of WinDoom?
A: Yes you can, open up WinDoom.cfg in any text editor and it will list all the movements and there key numbers. You can change them if you know your keyboard configuration well enough.

Frame Rates

  1. 90 MHz 16 megabytes 586(Pentium) with an ATI GRAPHICS PRO TURBO PCI 1megabyte video card.
  2. 66 MHz 16 megabytes 486 with CIRRUS LOGIC 1megabyte video card.

You out there send me in your frame rates and computer + video card and Iíll post them up.


WinDoom is great but it needs a lot of improving. When it is done it will be great. Having multiplayer games will be very simple with NO configuration on your own! It will be very simple to run your own wads and demoís. Iím having trouble getting my modem configured to work with Doom but if WinDoom comes out with full modem support it will be simple. Just think of the possibilities!!! I know this FAQ isnít that long. This is because I only know so much. You can help out be sending me information I have missed or got wrong if you want I could put your name in the credits section if it is new information.

I have seen some screen shots of a newer WinDoom. It had an options menu and someother new stuff. If anyone finds anything out amout it, send me some mail.


These are people, companies, and places that helped me creat this FAQ. If you help me your name could go up!

This WinDoom FAQ was made by Tys von Gaza a.k.a. The (von)Gazanator! or Agent 007 Doom! from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada(Up North). E-mail me at: Vist my homepage at GeoCities(I know I'm cheap,... but it is free!).

Dylan Greene's Windows 95 Starting PagesThe Semi-FAQ that helped me out was made by Dylan Greene from the U of M (University of Maryland). This is his hoomepage. It is on the top 5% of web pages!!!

If you need help playing Doom then you better look at the Official Doom FAQ by Hank Leukart. His FAQ helped me get better at Doom and understanding the game. He wrote that FAQ at 16 and I'm writing this one at 14. Yes I can make things even though I'm young.

Thanks to DoomGate for publishing it in there site.

ID Software for creating the wonderful game, Doom.

Microsoft for porting it into Windows.

This HTML file was created by my computer and I. I don't make HTML files for anyone, but I can if you pay me :). This HTML file was my first one so please don't tell me how it sucks, but if you want, you can tell me how to improve it.

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