The FAQ for Net-Dooming version 1.2

By Tim Posch and Steve Towle

Version Info

Version 1.0 - Posted on Originial version done by Tim Posch

Version 1.1 - Posted to the dooml mailing list. Edited by Steve Towle, derived from ver. 1.0.

Version 1.2 - This version. (D'uh!) HTML version done by Steve Towle with version 1.1 used.

NOTE: While this FAQ is primarily oriented to getting Netcom IXers on Ifrag, this can be adapted to your own Internet Service provider. (Provided you are smart enough...but you are, aren't you?)

Background: Netcom tries to please, but they couldn't let me in on how their software negotiates a CSLIP connection. So I had no choice but to gear my efforts toward PPP. This document represents a good chunk of my time, spent tweaking IP's and PPP login scripts. Enjoy!

To save a *lot* of trouble, please do the following:


Yes, it is obvious, but for those of us who space out at the computer as it boots up usually forget these "tiny" details.

Number ONE:

Get the Software!! -- The website that I've had the most luck with is at

Actually, I might upload the whole thing (FAQ, iFrag, ppp.exe, dial.bat and dial.ppp) to if there is a need.

This page has numerous links and of course, the software that you need. Download the following:

(Stuff happens, so look around at

  • (version 2.21)
  • (A bunch of stuff in here, but we just really want to use the PPP packet driver.)

    Number TWO:

    Make Some Batch Files! -- It gets really tiring typing in the same line of cryptic commands time after time. Batch files are the way to go... DIAL.BAT

    PPP /c 3 /i 7 /d script /s 38400 /v 1


    DIAL.PPP -- This is the file that the "script" reference points to in the PPP command line.

    send "AT &F &K3 &I0 &M0 &N0\r" - Initialization string for modem. (USR 28.8 Sportster.)
    recv 3000 "OK\r\n"
    send "ATDT 9996666\r" - Your local number you dial normally.
    recv 60000 "login: "
    send "#dipstick\r" - Your username that you have on your email address.
    recv 6000 "Password:"
    send "password\r" - The password you put in. "DUH" -- SmartAss(tm)
    recv 3190 <-- This is *very* important, it lets you see what IP you are going to be assigned from netcom. (Well, usually.)

    Tweaking the last value can help you a bit if you have trouble getting an IP and the program just hangs, instead of dumping to the DOS prompt.


    (More than anything else, this file will be different on everyone's system)

    my_ip = <---The current IP for your session goes here.
    ;my_ip = <-- A backup IP that you commonly get could go here.
    gateway = <-- Gateway IP is the above but a "1" at the end..
    ;gateway = <-- Same deal, just another IP I get sometimes.
    netmask = <-- Netmask should work exactly like this.
    nameserver= <-- Alternate is (netcom)

    The semicolon "comments out" that line so the program doesn't read it and become confused. To change IP's quickly and easily, I just started to note which addresses I was getting and narrowed it down to the numbers that I would have to type repeatedly. Just insert the IP that you get often in the file above and just edit it or comment it out if necessary. (Dynamic IP's are a pain, I know..)

    Note that the proper Gateway IP has to be set as well.....(easy to miss if you are in a hurry to play, but using standard dynamic IP, it shouldn't change.)

    Your IP is given to you after you invoke the DIAL.BAT file and call your local POP number. (Point Of Presence)

    Netcom will say something like -- Starting PPP session from to
    The second number is the IP number for your session that you will use to put into your wattcp.cfg file. Or, if you decided to configure IPCATCH, it will display the IP regardless if it was displayed on your screen the first time.

    One more file!!!!! Can you feel the need to frag? I hope so..

    You need to configure the IFRAG.CFG already exists in a template form, so I will provide mine as a starting point for editing in your own information.

    // Remember, the ";" allow you to select/deselect data for the program to use.\\

    ; Sample iFrag 2.1 Configuration File
    ; User Information Section
    ; This info is optional, and will be shown to users who issue the
    ; /whois command.

    All of this is required by iFrag policy, or you will be denied. Who gives a damn, anyway.

    nick=Dipstick <---your kickass nickname for Doom. I'm Dipstick, and I don't know what the hell Tim is.
    realname=DontAsk <---email address...
    location=Private Hell, Doom <---Location
    password=doyouthinkimstupidenoughtotellyou? <---Your password so no one can use your nickname...

    ; The address and port of the North American Frag Tracker,6666 <---- This is the one that rose out of the ashes of the Great iFrag fallout... :)
    ; Austrailia
    <---- Use for desperate times ONLY.
    ; Paths to your game directories
    <----Location of your Doom2.exe
    heretic=d:\heretic <---You get the idea...
    ; Paths to your PWAD directories
    <---- Location of your external PWAD to load..(if any)
    ; Uncomment the following line to turn off iFrag's sounds
    ; stealth=ON
    <----I leave this commented, so the sounds are active...
    ; Number of screen lines iFrag should use
    <----This is like a normal screen of text..
    ; videolines=50 <---This is squinty-I-can't-believe-I-picked-this-mode..
    That will do remember, the steps are to connect to IFRAG...

    Number THREE:


    Some Observations on Ifrag:

    Ethernet and T1 -- Yep, some lucky person has access to these *large* pipes on a regular basis. This is bound to cause a little bandwidth snobbery in the form of refusing to play if the ping is above 100. (Or above zero...yeah, really..)

    [ Zero pings _do_ happen. I've seen them AND played them. Can you say F-A-S-T? ]

    There is a little debate on how much ping (like a radar 'echo' in milliseconds) can be tolerated before the game becomes unplayable. I guess that all depends. Anything above 250 starts to really become irritating, but I've have some great games with my ping at 220 and the other person being on a Ethernet or just a really good direct connection. It is all a roll of the dice since you don't know exactly how the other person is set up. (Not to mention that pings change constantly during gameplay.)

    Some of my observations - iFrag was ment for DIC's {Direct Internet Connections}, and you WILL be booted by 10-15% of the games because your ping is high. A ping of 150 to 220ms IS playable, unless you've played on a P90. (Then again, playing Doom like that makes walking around in real life choppy. Also, try to keep the games in the country, or reigon, and don't go any higher than 2 players. {Exception: When the server is a T1 (or T3, really!) connection, you could connect to England from Calfornia.} More stuff: When you first connect, say something like "Hello", so it won't seem rude. Also, if the ping's something like 400ms, say "Ugh! Ugly ping! Sorry!" and leave. Last thing: If someone asks you to leave because of speed, leave. Even if it seems weird, leave. (ie: Someone tells me to leave because of the ping and they read: Dipstick: 60ms, PlayerA: 0ms, PlayerB:0ms. True story. Don't take it personally, and if you don't leave, you WILL be banned. Not a good thing.

    Now some basic Tracker Commands:


    In Ifrag, you can either be a server (who moderates and starts the game) or a client, (who is a participant, but can't decide what wad to play or other parameters.) As a server, you can do fun stuff like choose what wad or level, kick unruly players off your channel, and set the game description so everyone will see a line of text describing your game.

    To start Ifrag as a Server, you would type: Ifrag -ticdup 2 -extratics 2 -server

    NOTE: ticdup values will typically be 2 and extratics 2 (2n2 in Ifrag jargon). Being a modoomer, you might want to try ticdup 3 and extratics 2 just to give yourself a little boost. (3n2) Warning: Some people will see 3n2 in your game description and avoid you like the plague. Oh well... (/desc sets the description for the game.) Try to keep the xnx valuse as low as tolerated, because 3n2 with a mouse is worse than death. Its many deaths.

    This will start the server mode, and you will see that your status bar on the bottom of the screen will display some game settings (Either your last games settings or Hexen level 1 Cleric [Class is changable by all]) You can start setting the various things for your game, (use /help for a list of commands) and once you get it perfect...type /save filname (no extension needed) and you will have a saved cfg file for that particular game, including the description.. My description usually reads:

    3n2 28.8 PPP -- High Ping/Newbies Welcome!

    You type F10 to start the game once everyone is on, and all the settings agree...(that is the cool thing, Ifrag sets everyones settings to match yours..) If you see "Holy Hoseups batman, I don't have all those PWADS!" when they jump onto your channel, that means they don't have the Wad that you setup to play...don't worry, they can type /wadget filename.wad and download it from you...while you are chatting with them!

    Download usually makes ping go sky high, so you might want to wait for it to settle...typing /ping will tell you what the current ping times are for all players...(relative to you..)

    To start a client session, type:

    ifrag -ticdup 2 -extratics 2 -client

    This will make you the player seeking games, not a moderator. your only options here are to type F9 and see what games are available..

    [ Now, you have the option to hit F5 from client to go into server. ]

    At any time for either client/server you can ALT-X to exit if you need to. (usually to reset your extratics ticdup values.) Warn everyone so they aren't dumped suddenly.

    /kick /ban -- great for those people who just like to type -- "Modem sucks!" and leave.

    /freeze -- This is an undocumented command (at least in my docs) that prevents other people from joining your game. (This may be necessary if you can't stand the lag from having more than 2 people playing you at the same time. Also prevents you from having to wait for people to download your PWAD over and over *just* as you were about to start the game... arrrrgh!)

    Send any reveleant, interesting, or just plain funny E-Mail to Tim Posch and Steve Towle

    Copywrite Tim Posch and Steve Towle, 1996-Whenever

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    Shamless plug: If you don't want to muck around with iFrag, join the UACD, which is doing really cool stuff, other than that. Contact Andew Champion