Unofficial DOOM Specs v1.3

Written by: Matt Fell (

From: ap641@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Hank Leukart)

Subject: ** Unofficial DOOM Specs v1.3 **

Date: 13 Apr 1994 20:55:39 GMT

Release v1.3 - April 13, 1994 EST
Written by: Matt Fell (
Distributed by: Hank Leukart (

"DOOM: Where hackers gnaw the bones left from the banquet of data prepared by the mighty wizards of id."

"The poets talk about love, but what I talk about is DOOM, because in the end, DOOM is all that counts." - Alex Machine/George Stark/Stephen King, The Dark Half


[1]: Author's Notes

[2]: Basics

[3] Directory Overview

[4] The Maps, The Levels

[5] Pictures

[6] Floor and Ceiling Textures

[7] Songs and Sounds

[8] Some Important Non-Picture Resources