My Visit to the USA.

On October 6th 1995 I went to the USA. Why did I go? ...

  1. To go abroad for the 1st time!

  2. To visit Id Software and Paradigm Simulation Inc. in Dallas, Texas.

  3. To visit Nintendo of America's HQ in Redmond (suburb of Seattle, Washington State).

  4. To visit a friend of mine in Tacoma (south of Seattle).

I took a lot of photos (about 130), some of which are not included here (eg. various scenery shots). I've tried to include the pictures I'm sure you'd most like to see, plus a few extra shots to put the whole visit in context. If you'd like me to add some of the other pictures I've not yet scanned, feel free to email me.

That's it for the moment! Like I said, I do have some other pictures which are not included here (eg. a 25-picture sequence showing the take-off from Dallas airport, one picture taken every 10 seconds), so if you'd like me to add more, then email me.

For those who care, here's some technical nonsense about how the photos were scanned, the DHS logo created, etc.