Ian Mapleson and Raphael Quinet...


[Picture of Raphael and Me]

Raphael wrote the DEU level editor, perhaps the most important 3rd-party program in the history of computer games. At least a 1000 levels must have been made with DEU by now.

Raphael went on holiday to Scotland whilst I was still living in Edinburgh. I only read the email he sent at the last minute so I dashed off to Glasgow Airport to see him before he dissapeared off back to Belgium. I made it ok and we chatted for a coupla hours about Doom, etc.

Raphael says:

        In case you did not know, I am the guy on the right, and
        the guy on the left (hiding behind his sunglasses) is
        Ian Mapleson. ...

(spot the 'Hard Boiled' T-shirt :)

        ... Despite the stupid smile on our faces, we
        were in fact making evil plans for the newsgroups. He he he...
        Don't you think we look stupid? Ah, I tought so.

        Note: you are only allowed to look at this page if you
        promise to send me the URL of one of your pages on which I
        can find a picture of you. I would also like to laugh at other
        people, from time to time...
It was cool actually meeting someone that I'd known only by email for many months. If only we'd met up sooner, we could have planned an rgcd world-takeover... :)