How to contact me...

Before you email me with a question about Doom, please note the following:

Basically, my knowledge about Doom is summed up by the files that are on the DHS, but If you still want to email me, then send all comments, suggestions, complaints, etc. to:

If you can't email, then use snail mail (ordinary post), phone or fax.

To contact me at work (don't forget the country code if required):

   Ian Mapleson (Senior Technician),
   Department of Computing (Vernon Building),
   University of Central Lancashire,
   PR1 2HE,
   United Kingdom.

   Tel (work): (+44) (0)1772 893297
   Fax:        (+44) (0)1772 892913

To contact me at home:

   Ian C. R. Mapleson BSc.,
   15, Moor Lane,
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Tel (home): (+44) (0)1772 888026

(between 10pm and 12pm GMT is best)

If you happen to be close to my work place, my office is room Ve047 in Vernon Building (Vernon St.)