Wolfenstein 3D Cheats List

                              Last Change: 02/Jul/96

                           Distributed by: Ian Mapleson

Credits entirely due to:

   brudiakg@nyx.cs.du.edu (Ben Rudiak-Gould)
   hpv@lynx.uio.no (Hans Peter Verne)
   bobruth@lamar.ColoState.EDU (Robert Ruth)

Hans writes:
You can at any time hit the keys  M I L  simultaneously to get free
ammo, guns, full health (At least, it works in my version.....)

Robert writes:
Just a quick note: The MLI keys will give you ammo and life 8-)
But, your score will be reset to zero :-(

Ben writes:

             All about Wolfenstein 3-D debugging mode ***SPOILERS***

        (v1.0 means Wolf3D version 1.0 and v1.1 means Wolf3D version 1.1)

To enter the mode, do the following:

1.  Invoke Wolfenstein 3-D with the "next" parameter (wolf3d -next)
    for v1.0, or the "goobers" parameter for v1.1.  You can also use
        whatever other command-line parameters you want.

2.  Begin or restore a game.  While in the game, hold down the TAB,
    CONTROL, and ENTER keys simultaneously for v1.0, or the LEFT SHIFT,
        ALT, and BACKSPACE keys for v1.1.  You should get a message stating
        that debugging keys are now available.

That's it!

To use debugging mode commands, hold down the TAB key and one of the
letter keys listed below simultaneously:

B   Changes the screen border color.  Don't ask me why it's here, but
    it's here.

C   Displays the number of statics, doors, and actors in the level.  I
    believe that statics are things like food and ammo that you can
    pick up, and actors are the bad guys.  Doors should be

E   Moves you ahead two levels.  That's right, not one level, but two.
    Unlike the W command (see below), this also takes you to the "level
        completed" screen and gives you percentages, bonuses, etc.

F   Displays your current position on the level (X,Y) and orientation (A).

G   Turns what Id calls "GOD mode" on and off.  Basically it just
    means that you're invincible.

H   Hurts you (-16% health).  Not much use to us, but I guess Id had
    to debug their damage code just like everything else.

I   "Free items."  Ups your health, ammo, and score, and gives you the
    next most powerful weapon.  (Machine gun if you didn't have it,
    very large machine gun if you did.)

M   Displays memory usage.  Loads of fun.

N   Turns "No clipping" on or off.  This lets you walk through walls.
    Wall-walking does STRANGE things to the graphics (try approaching a
    door from the side and opening it).  It also does strange things
    to the bad guys.  If you walk into a room through the wall, often
    they won't notice you at all, even if you walk right in front of
    them or fire your machine gun (in some direction besides at them,
    of course).

O   Changes the main viewscreen to a map of the current level, which
    you can scroll through using the movement keys or the mouse.  It's
    neat, but I wish that it wasn't so ugly.  Those numbers are from
    the internal level format.  ESC will get you out.  Unfortunately
        this command doesn't work in v1.1.

P   Pauses the game, without putting up the little "Paused" window.
    I guess this makes it nice for taking a screen shot, although in
        v1.1 it changes the screen border to an ugly white.

Q   Bombs the machine in v1.0.  Exits the game in v1.1.  Both of these
        functions are about equally useless.

S   Turns slow motion on or off.  If you have a slow computer you
    don't need this.

T   Pops up a window which displays graphics and sounds from the game.
    Use the left and right arrow keys to page through the entries.
    If you come to a blank entry, keep going.  You'll know when you've
    reached the end (500-something) because you won't be able to go
    any higher.  ESC exits.  v1.1 has some interesting graphics that
        v1.0 lacks, including two sprites which are particularly intriguing.
        Don't bother calling Apogee and making yourself look like a fool
        only to be told that you didn't win anything; I already did.  (You'll
        understand what I mean when you've seen the sprite.)

V   Asks you how many extra VBLs you want.  High values seem to make
    the game sluggish and not much else.

W   Warps to any level.  10 is the secret level.

X   "Extra stuff."  It definitely does something, but I can't figure
    out what.  Let me know what you find.

There is one other debugging feature, demo recording mode, that is
not accessed in the same way as the other commands.  To record a demo,
follow step one from the beginning of this article, and then hold down
TAB at the title screen (the one with B.J. hiding from a guard).
Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any way to display these demos
after they've been recorded, but if you've ever had a secret desire
to play Wolfenstein 3-D with a big "DEMO" sign at the top of the
screen, this is how to do it.


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