Miscellaneous Information on Patching Doom II

                              Last Change: 01/July/96

                             Collated by Ian Mapleson.

A little known fact is that the patch program actually comes with a boatload of
options. try something like 'patch -help' to see them all.  you can ignore
incorrect files e.g. or patch just one specfic file.


The only problems I've seen stem from:

1: The pirate version (Aug 25, 1994)
2: Having editied DOOM2.WAD or DOOM2.EXE
3: Trying to use the wrong patch.

The solution to 1 is to buy a legal copy.

The solution for 2 is to reinstall from scratch.

The solution for 3 is to get the right patch.

Side effects of patching are saved games that will no longer load and LMPs
(DEMO's) that no longer work.  Both of these can be fixed by editing the files
in question (I don't remember which byte needs to be editied in each tyope of
file...).  The otheer commong snaffu is having DEMOs imbedded in a WAD and
having the WAD crash.  The solution to this is to start DOOM ][ with the -warp
option, or rename the DEMOx resources in the WAD to NEMOx (DOOM ][ will ignore


4: Not having a file present that the patch tries to update.  This either
causes the patch to barf, or skip that file.  Solution is to start from a
fresh install.

In the saved games, you can open it up with Norton Utilities, and on the first
"page" of info you will see "102" for a version 1.2 saved game, "106" for a
version 1.666 saved game, etc.  Change the last number to a 9 and you're in
business.  I have personally done this so I know it works.  If you need the
details I can check out a *.dsg file and get back to you.  I don't know from
lmp's although I have heard that it's something similar.

                                   -- End --