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Doom Publicity

Here are a selection of articles about Doom from various magazines, newspapers, etc. If you have seen an article about Doom, please type it out, email it to me and I'll include it here with credit duly given to you.

  1. USA Today Doom Article, May 28th, 1994.

  2. Los Angeles Times Article, on Doom and game playing in the workplace. Monday, July 4th, 1994.

  3. Washington Post Doom Article, October 10th (Doom's Day! :) 1994. The best piece I've seen so far.

  4. New Scientist Doom Article, November 19th, 1994. Short, but at least it's accurate.

NB: I helped in the writing of articles 1, 2 and 3, though I wasn't quoted in 2.

Further Doom References

Here are any references to articles about Doom for which I don't currently have available in electronic form the text of the article concerned.

  1. Computing section of Die Zeit, 2 June 1995, page 20 (overseas edition). My thanks to Mike Kupfer (kupfer@Eng.Sun.COM) for supplying this info (I've had this article translated now, but I have to type up the translation and reword it).

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