BSc (HonS) Dissertation in Computer Science

'3D Stereo Vision and Realism in Computer Graphics'

By Ian Mapleson, June 1994

Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland.

If you've accessed this page, then you must be interested in my BSc dissertation, probably because part of it was about the side effects of playing Doom.

There are two different versions of the dissertation archive, one for people who will be reading the text files on a PC and a different version for people who will be reading the text files on a Unix-based system (eg. Linux, SGI, Sun, DEC, etc.) This is because PC text files must have a line-feed and a carriage-return at the end of each line, plus an end-of-file marker, whereas a text file on a UNIX-based system only uses the line-feed character and doesn't need an end-of-file marker.

Secondly, in order to make life easier for people who have slow Internet connections, the archive has been split into three parts. Only the first part is really essential - it contains the whole of the original dissertation plus some extra information and images. The other two parts contain further example images that people can download if they want to understand some of the points made in the first part a little better (the images in are much larger and more up-to-date).

So, if you will be reading the archive text files on a PC, then these are the relevant files:

But if you will be reading the text files on any kind of UNIX platform, then the relevant files are:

If you have to choose between and, then is definitely more important. The quality of real-time imagery shown in the images contained in is rarely seen by the public. If you can, definitely download it.

If you have any questions, etc., please email me.