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Cheats and Spoilers

Warning: This page contains information on the various puzzles and riddles in Doom, as well as how to cheat. Hence, if you don't want to see what awaits you in the game, don't read these pages.

General Information

The Doom and Doom II Cheat Codes FAQ

This file is a complete cheats list for all the different versions of Doom that are available (PC, SGI, Sun, etc), including the console versions (JagDoom and 32X Doom). If a cheat code isn't in this file, then it doesn't exist! :)

Ledmeister's DoomCode File [LWV]

My cheats file is a good introduction to the Doom cheat codes for various platforms, but if you want to know everything about the cheats for your particular platform, then Ledmeister's file is for you! He covers aspects which I do not discuss in detail, eg. some cheats, especially for consoles, can have odd side effects such as resetting health, ammo, armour, etc.

The Doom and Doom II Level Names List

This is a complete list of the names of the various levels in Doom and Doom II - a handy little reference.

How to Find Secret Doors in Doom.

Finding secrets doors in Doom can sometimes be tricky, especially for beginners. You need to know what to look for...

Specific Information for Doom

The Doom Shareware Secrets Guide

This is a complete description of how to complete Shareware Doom.

The Doom Secrets List

This file is an extract from Section 10 of the Doom FAQ v6.666, by Hank Leukart.

The Doom Spoilers List

This is an assortment of items: full descriptions of how to complete the first three levels of Doom, how to kill the big bosses at the end of Episodes 1 and 2, plus various other things.

The Doom I Keys FAQ

Instructions on where to find the various coloured keys in Doom. It does not explain how to deal with the monsters. This file just shows where the keys are in the levels.

Specific Information for Ultimate Doom

The Ultimate Doom Secrets List

This file is for Episode 4 only. The secrets for Episodes 1 to 3 are the same as in ordinary Doom.

Ultimate Doom, Episode 4 Level 2 Recipe (Perfect Hatred)

I often get asked about this level. Here is my own description of how to do it. There are many ways to do this level of course - this is just one method.

Specific Information for Doom II

The Doom II Secrets List

This file is an extract from Section 10 of the Doom FAQ v6.666, by Hank Leukart.

The Doom II Key FAQ

This file explains exactly how to obtain all the various colour keys (red, yellow and blue) that are to be found in Doom II (note that some levels don't have certain keys; hence, if you can't find a particular key on a level, maybe it's because that level hasn't got one? Check here to find out!).

The Doom II Walkthroughs, by George Foot

This file gives precise instructions on how to solve each of the Doom II levels. It does not describe how to locate the secrets (see the Doom II Secrets List above for such information). It is part of a document set which also includes an introduction that you should definitely read, plus some background information on the Doom Honorific Titles (the driving force behind the creation of the Doom II Walkthrough help file). All three files can be obtained from the DHS Depot or from the various Doom ftp sites (as described in section 3I of the RGCD FAQ).

Doom II Level 30 Recipe

This is a detailed description of how to complete Doom II, Level 30. Many people get stuck on this level.

Specific Information for Final Doom


No need for any help files from me! The link above is to the TNT guys' own info page on Final Doom which has pretty much everything you'd want to know.

However, if you're feeling lazy, then here are some direct links (note that I will have local GIF copies of the TNT maps at some point):

Final Doom Secrets | Final Doom Maps

Info on Level 30 (Last Call) of TNT.WAD

This file explains how to get across the lake through the blocks.

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