"All that to give the disc volcanoes? Madness!"
"You say that now. You wait until you see the earthquake machines."

Quake Developer's Pages

ChangeLog, last update: November 22th. Credits & Author

You will find links to local and remote Quake-specific pages and sites here, namely the

There are additional resources to be found in Web and Net, and background information in abundance, a small overview available on the Net Resources pages.

Quake Source releases by id Software

This collection provides sources of QuakeEd, qbsp and other utilities, as released by id Software, and the resources available, i.e. WAD and MAP files.

The sources of the server and the qc QuakeC compiler have not been released, and will probably not be released until the registered version ships.

Quake related Technical Publications

This collection contains talks, papers and articles on techniques that are used by Quake, or are closely related to those supposedly used by Quake.

Info by id Software

You will find here misc. information as occasionally released by id Software.

Note that some of these infos are outdated and only provided for the records.

Quake Documentation Project

The Quake Documentation project is supposed to develop gradually into a comprehensive set of documents useful for actual editing and development. I have started to include contributions by other authors. There is a sketch of an editor, a draft of a primer on concepts and ideas of Quake map representation, and additional discussion I named Request For Comments. Several aspects of converting WAD files are available, too.

Here is a good overview of editors.

Quake Developers Hypermail archive

The Quake Developer's mailing list is dedicated to technical discussions related to developing Quake tools and editing utilities. The threaded archive of the list is available and provides lots of useful info.

If you joined the list recently, or hesitate to subscribe, but do not want to miss valuable info, you should take a look at the archive.

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