Graphics,Sounds and Texture Tools

WinTex, DeuTex, DeuSF 3.6

Latest unofficial update 3/24/95 by Piotr Kapiszewski

WAD composition tools for DOOM, DOOM2 and HERETIC

By Olivier Montanuy with manual by Kevin McGrail (HevKev)

NEW! Info on the last release of WinTex.

You're mainly a DOOM or HERETIC player?

DeuSF has some unique features that helps you make a better usage of your prefered DOOM and HERETIC Adds-on.

You're new to DOOM adds-on creation?

Then DeuTex will decompose for you the greatest DOOM adds-on, so you can learn the tricks of your favourite DOOM adds-on creators.

You're an experienced DOOM adds-on creator?

Then you will appreciate the features of DeuTex, that should considerably simplify the composition of your WADs, and let you concentrate only on the cool the features of your DOOM adds-on.

You're tired of DOS-based Tools?

Wanna use your favourite graphic and sound tools, while you editing your WAD? Then, if you're under MS-Windoze, you can use the DeuTex Shell, a powerfull Adds-on development platform, written in Visual Basic, that let you invoque easily all the tools you need for DOOM editing, and speed up your editing sessions.

Geez, I'll never be able to use that tool...

You will, thanks to the efforts of Kevin McGrail (HevKev)! The DeuTex Manual is here to explain all the most powerfull features of DeuTex.

Enough talks, I want DeuTex right now!

Here are some Cool Places where you can get the last version of DeuTex
Still not Convinced? Then I let you judge by the following...

WADs rebuilt with DeuTex and/or installed with DeuSF

The following DOOM Adds-on have been rebuilt with DeuTex, usually deleting quite a few 100k of waste data in the process, and simplifying considerably their installation: Quest, Alien-TC, StarwarsDOOM, theme14, barney2, toonsDOOM, Helsing

WADs created with Help of DeuTex

VoidShip, Zaphod1.1, Aliens-TC for DOOM 2, AliensDOOM 2.1, Simpson DOOM, Trinity for DOOM 2, Barney2, Disgrunted3, ChgCol2, Surreal, Ceti Alpha VI, Boris, ... much more than I could even be aware of (send me names!)
And now the good news...

DeuTex, DeuSF and WinTex are FREEWARE !

The pleasure of giving you the opportunity to make use of artistics talents is the only reward the author of these tools expects!

Translation: Get my tools and build that great DOOM total conversion you've been dreaming of, release it on the net so that I can play it like crazy!

DeuSF, a WAD utility for the crazy DOOM/HERETIC player

  • With DeuSF, all the previous actions are reversible!
    deusf -restore modified.wad
    Even better: when you merge two WADs, BOTH WADs are restored when you restore the modified WAD, so you can delete the second and get it back later. This are unique features of DeuTex. Some of them were partly implemented on NWT since, but don't rely on versions of NWT before 1.03 at least.

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    The Visual Basic Shell for DeuTex under Windows

    Here are some views of WinTex under windows (size reduced to one third).

    The main screen:

    The texture editing screen:

    The sprite editing screen:

    And there are other dedicated screens for customisation of graphics, levels, flats, lumps and sounds.

    WinTex comes with a help file, and an on-line help. This shell is meant to call not only DeuTex, but also all the best tools necessary for WAD building, like the level editors (WinDEU, DEU, DCK, EdMap, WadEd, DoomCAD), the Reject builder (RMB), the Node builder (BSP), the end text editor (TED), the MIDI conversion utilities (MUS2MIDI, MIDI2MUS), and your own prefered text and graphic editor. All via customisable command lines!

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    DeuTex, A WAD composition Tool

    DeuTex is the WAD equivalent of a compiler. You provide your entries, you declare what they represent, and how they should be integrated, and presto, your WAD is built. If you made a mistake, correct it, and rebuild. If you need the equivalent of an interpreter, get NWT! But I wish you good luck when you'll have to integrate 20 sprites or more, or worse, when you'll have to make some slight correction to all those sprites :-) This will give you a rough idea of what you can do with DeuTex:

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    The DeuTex/DeuSF Manual DTEXMAN

    Kevin McGrail aka HevKev, author of the great WAD VoidShip, has taken the time to write a manual for DeuTex. First get VoidShip! When you've had a look at it, you'll know you're ready to take some lessons from HevKev! This manual can be viewed under any text editor. It contains no special formatting, not even TABs. It describes all the features of DeuTex, with examples, hints and tricks.
    Contact HevKev:
                 Kevin McGrail, Compuserve ID 74107,1254

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    Versions of DeuTex/DeuSF 3.6 available

    Sites for DeuTex/DeuSF:

    The links are to the download directories. Pick the version of DeuTex appropriate for your OS.

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    DeuTex, DeuSF and WinTex are Copyright (c) O.Montanuy 1994,1995.
    DeuSF can be freely distributed.
    DeuTex and WinTex cannot be distributed for *any* commercial purpose without the author's written consent.

    (by Piotr Kapiszewski and Steve Young)