-= levels =-

Quake addon levels. Unless in the 'deathmatch',
'editing_examples', 'showcase', 'ctf' or 
'team_fortress' directories, these levels are
for single player mode. The .TXT file might give hints
if they are also useful in cooerative play.


.BSP files are 'compiled' levels that can be used in
Quake straight away. Create a directory called 'maps'
in your id1 dir and load the level using the 'map'
command. E.g., id1/maps/foo.bsp would be loaded with
the command 'map foo' from the Quake console prompt.
Hit the tilde (~) key in Quake to enter console mode.
Alternatively you can launch the level directly from
the DOS prompt with

   quake +map foo

.MAP files need to be compiled first using qbsp and other
utilities that have been released by id. these can be
found in the 'utils/level_edit/bsp_builders' directory
on this site.

NOTE: .BSP files will almost certainly contain textures
      from id Software. id allows redistribution of these
      for NON COMMERCIAL use ONLY. Do not attempt to make
      a level addon pack that you wish to sell, without
      contacting id first.
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