..//\_   |   |  _|   |_      |
                            |   |   |   _   _   |___|
                            |   |   |   |   |  __/\\..
                            |   |   |   |   |   |gh
                            |   |   |   |   |   |
                            |___     ___|   |___|
                                `---'   `---'
                        w t f    p r o d u c t i o n s
                   "Ruthless by Nature, Violent by Design"
               FTP Site: ftp.gamers.org/pub/idgames/themes/wtf/

WTF Productions once was a Doom 2 support group. Founded in January 1996 by D.J.
Quad, WTF offered the best support around. WTF released some original, quality
wads (mostly DOOM 2), and other add-ons to enhance the games themselves. 

Unfortunately due to the fact that nobody really had time anymore we pulled the
plug end 1997.


                       Members were (not complete...)

D.J. Quad - djquad@mail.fwi.com


Sliver - javanree@gamers.org 

WAD Designers
Sliver - javanree@gamers.org
Freznor - jloftus@usa.pipeline.com
Benny - sigelman@javanet.com
Peter Hushvahtov - TLWV22E@prodigy.com
Mike Reed - mreed3015@aol.com
PiGMaN - pigman@ashsec.demon.co.uk
Glen Huey - st90635@jaguar1.usouthal.edu 
Rene - reneb@worldaccess.nl
KIbE - franco.lazzuri@mandic.com.br 
The Punisher - mbreeden@cstone.net
The Immortal - immortal@idirect.com
Unkel Jethro - bmcguiga@sfu.ca
IC-Man - nomad@netins.net 
Charlie Stevenson - carlitos@sisna.com

Kapi - kapis-p@doomgate.cs.buffalo.edu
Airwolf - airwolf@mail.fwi.com
Peter Hushvahtov - TLWV22E@prodigy.com
Ted Sheibar - HRTechnics@usa.pipeline.com
KIbE - franco.lazzuri@mandic.com.br 
Unkel Jethro - bmcguiga@sfu.ca

Hevan - HowieEvan@aol.com
KIbE - franco.lazzuri@mandic.com.br 
Masok - masok@xs4all.nl



DOOM Matrix Utility by Unkel Jethro
A set of tools to keep scores during a DOOMfest. Handy if your brain has 
let you down.....


As the Silence Grows... by Rambutt
Description: A large single player or coop designed level that starts out 
like a lamb and turns into a lion.

The Temple of Spam by Headslice
Description: A Doom WAD with many new graphics and map suprises, available 
for Single Player, Co-op, and Deathmatch. GREAT architecture and all 
around look.

PiGMaN 1 by PiGMaN
Description: A Doom 2 WAD with a simple(ish) layout. One large area 
intended for free flowing duels. The rest is tighter. An excellent level 
for double backs and cut off manovers. Lurking is not very profitable

Fortress by Freznor
Description: Architecturally detailed level designed for Deathmatch 2.0.
Mainly a big pit with a ledge on one side, a castle on the other side, 
and 5 cross-like objects in the middle.

On Your Knees Human! by Rambutt
Description: You been captured and taken to an undiscovered area of Hell, 
The Arch-Vile's Arena. It is here where poor souls like you are brought 
and kept in a deep, dark cell block, until it's your turn. Your turn to 
fight the Spider Mastermind all in the name of the Arch-Vile's 
entertainment. If you should win, RUN !

And many, many more... look for the files on


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